Select the type of QR code you want to create

Enter a text message to appear when users scan your QR code!
Add in your website address (Including "http://") to link your QR code to your chosen URL
Add in your Facebook Profile Web Address (For example:
Enter a web address for users to like on Facebook.
Enter a title to describe the page. (Appears above the like button.)
Twitter Profile URL (For example
Enter a message that users can tweet direct from scanning your QR code. (Max 140 characters)
Enter the web address to your LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn Data
Goes directly to your contact telephone number and will automatically dial the number.
Create an SMS QR code. Enter your SMS number in the QR code. This will allow users to sent a text to your number after scanning.
Allows emails to be sent direct to your email address.
Used to display full details of your company or organization.
Personal version of V-Card with your contact details.