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Top Uses For QR codes

  • Your message, website link or contact details in a printable JPEG to save on your desktop and use in any way you want with unlimited use.
  • Copy to websites, business cards, stationery, compliment slips, party invitations – put sticky-back labels on everything!
  • Conversation starters, hen parties, stag dos, vacations. Put them on buttons & badges or stick them on your clothes. For Premium account holders wrap your impact QR code in a free graphic.
  • Keep copies of you ContactQR codes on your phone and choose the one you want your friends to scan to their phone and save straight to their contacts.
  • Take or send to a Printshop to get baseball caps and sweatshirts made – or better still order some for a group or club. Wear a QR badge to a meeting or at party time!
  • Hold a QR party and let people scan each other to get their contact details or status before they make their move. Stick one on your car or van to boost your business
  • Use them in treasure hunts and games. Replace hard-to-read printed cards on exhibits and artwork

Who Uses QR codes?

Just about every major company uses QR codes with more adding them to packaging and websites every day. Start checking what you buy to watch how their use is growing

A little about dynamic QR codes

If you are familiar with QR codes skip to How to use your QR code

QR codes are used to link to websites, make a ContactQR, say something about yourself, show texts and promote special offers – plus anything else you can think of! The problem is that many of them just do not work. They are too small or hold too much information. At QRcrazy we make sure your information is held on secure servers and your QR codes are easy-to-scan links. When you use our dynamic QR code generator your data is stored securely for the time you hold an account with us. As a Premium account holder your QR codes can be customized, edited and downloaded in different sizes – in addition to keeping count of the clicks made on your exclusive QR codes. First download a QR code reader app.

How to get your QR reader app from the App Store

Go to Apps
Go to the App store Type in “QR Reader”

Hit search and download a QR app

Open and scan a QR code
Open and scan a QR code

Check Carefully
View content

Desktop computers and Laptops: Maybe you want to scan a QR code from your work station. It doesn’t have to be with a smart device. A quick Internet search will bring programs straight to your screen. Choose between online programs that use your webcam such as or download for regular use from Programs currently work with black & white QR codes.

If you’re a Windows Phone user a QR reader comes ready installed. Find Bing Vision from the Lumia camera by clicking on the … more symbol > Lenses > Bing Vision. Or from the green icon, click on the fisheye! Your QR reader is ready. Getting to Bing Vision may vary depending on your software version.


Before deciding what type of QR code you want to create check out the How to use your QR code sections before accessing your QR code generator.

How to create and save your Dynamic QR code

1. Decide on the type of QR code you want to make. Do you want to send people to a URL, display a text message or link to an e-mail address?

2. Enter your selected data and click “Save”

Dynamic QR code Generator

Image may vary

3. On the following page you can choose from a huge selection of frames, frame markers and body dots. These are the elements that all make up a QR code and allow you to create your own unique and dynamic QR code! (Premium users will see additional options to select from custom colors, upload a logo and choose a background frame).

QR Code Shapes

4. The QR creator will tell you if the code is readable, however it is important that you check that the wording or web address is correct before you download your QR. Use your smart device to scan the code with a QR app to make sure.

Open you QR app
Open QR app

Scan the code
Scan the code

Check Carefully
Check QR

5. When you have decided on the type of QR code you want to make, by using the main selections that are dealt with here: Text, Website Address or Contact Details – Create and save your exclusive QR codes.

Easily make corrections by re-entering the data as many times as you need to create a new QR code and checking with your QR reader app until you are satisfied.

6. When you are satisfied download your QR code to your desktop. Premium account holders can download different sizes, customize and edit their QR codes from their accounts.

Saving QR code

Your new QR code is saved to your desktop, drag to a named folder.

Saving on Desktop

If you have not created a new folder for your QR codes don’t panic! You can right-click on the screen to create one after your download and drag the QR code inside.

QR Folder

Now that you have your QR codes safely saved on your screen, it’s time to think about the many ways you can use your new QR. Below are tips to prepare your QR before you start to use it.

If you plan to go straight to adding your QR code to documents, cards, flyers and posters etc you will need to know how to work with text by clicking: How to move your QR over text.

Every QR code created with our generator will be created with a white border. Do not reduce or remove this border as it prevents the QR code from blending with surrounding colours and becoming unreadable.


How to use your QR codes – An important step in deciding the type of QR code you want to create.

Click on the box that most matches what you want to do with your QR code.

Or click one by one for ideas and suggestions to boost your business or status.